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By the Sea

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  2. Love your song honouring your Mum and all of us as mothers xx

  3. always so beautiful chelle x

  4. Look at the little light beaming from your smile in your mum’s arms. Love the site Chelle. Looks great and how great to have an outlet for your musings and meanderings that we can all share in. x

  5. Beautiful Chelle! The complete package. The story, the photo and your gorgeous voice and poignant lyrics. Love it!!

  6. Lovely and tender. I love the quality of your voice, very unique.
    I would have liked the violin to be a little quieter while you’re singing, especially in the second half of the song – even the piano could be a little softer, I felt they were distracting me from your voice and making it hard for me to hear the words.
    But overall I think the song is great.

  7. What a gorgeous post! I love this place too and that big white duck. I called him Leunig. He’s a wise old bird. When I was going through a very difficult time about 18 months ago I used to go down there and ask him what I should do. He would say Whaakk Whaakk Whaakk and I would feel so much better. I haven’t seen him for a while, I hope he is Ok.

    • Thanks Jock … Yes ducks, trees and water…best therapy ever. I love that our street is going to fight for this little patch of precious nature. Thanks for the mighty steps you have taken already. Praying for a good result x

  8. We moved to Murwillumbah three years ago after living between Brisbane and the Byron shire for 10 years. I first fell in love with Murwillumbah for its beautiful Art Deco and fantastic opp shops. I spent a month rehearsing a show here and fell in love with the town and the landscape. When we had the opportunity to buy our own home we found a beautiful Art Deco house in town. I love it’s old fashioned charm and small town intimacy but also love all the vibrant creative energy that is reinvigorating the town. I love that people fiercely love the landscape and the architecture and the people living here from all walks of life. I love the mix of different types of people who care about the town, the landscape and each other. I’m proud to be a part of the towns new life and prosperity.

    • Hi Penny

      Thank you for your beautiful response. We are so lucky aren’t we. I adore this place too…especially the people. I really feel like I’ve found my tribe here. Would you mind cutting and pasting this or some of it into the comments thread on my Facebook chelleandthefig page…which is where the competition is being run. Sorry I can see why it’s confusing. thank you Chelle