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Still Life has been filling my world lately. It draws me into a cocoon of beauty that lasts for hours…with a bit of frustration thrown in when the arrangements are not quite working as I’d like. I love the way it is making me notice gardens and flowers and fruit, and discarded kitchen ware and ceramics when I visit the Op Shop. I chase the light around my home and sometimes other peoples hoping for contrasting patterns of shadow. Mostly I just clear a space in the kitchen and get in the way of everyone. It means I buy flowers more often and scavage for fallen ones on neighbours front lawns. It means my heart is full.

The Places You’ll Go Post Card Series

“You’ll look up and down streets. Look ’em over with care. About some you will say, “I don’t choose to go there.” With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, your too smart to go down any not so good street.” Dr Seuss

I have been squirrelling away at this little project- The Places You’ll Go Postcard Series, for a year or so…faffing about really as we do…sifting through so many photos to decide which ones will best suit the wood surface onto which they are printed. I finally settled on a few and here they are. These are of my lovely home town Murwillumbah. I love the timeless quality of a postcard, the hand written message it invites and the seventies sweetness. My dream is to take a few road trips over the years ahead and discover the quirky beauty in other towns and locations…forage about in back streets, in hidden nooks and crannies, in the hearts of locals who hold their own cherished stories of the places they call home.

You can find my very first series pictured here for purchase at the Twed Regional Art Gallery and at Murwillumbah’s favourite local gift shop The Bowerbird Emporium. These images can also be purchased as limited edition prints in varying sizes on museum quality Illford Smooth Cotton Rag. For more information please contact me.

A photographic series.
Change sweeps through our world at an unprecedented rate…many good things come with it but much is lost through the technology of generification, mass production and globalisation. Something about artforms, images and ways of being in the world that have endured close to their origin, for me, act as something reassuringly constant…a soothing anchor amid a sea of uncertainty. It could be the timeless beauty of a piano, or a rickety bridge, children playing outdoors, a market of second hand wares and atisan crafts. These moments stir in me an ancient love and stillness. I hope for this photo series to evoke  something of that beauty for you…a seamless, unbroken thread of the world, it’s moments, and the nourishing depth of many lives lived on the same path.

A Little Patch of Dirt at the End of My Street

A photo series capturing a small reserve fringed by cane fields and sport ovals. It is the most humble example of nature… Being next to the towns sewerage treatment facility, it is perhaps an accidental example of nature, and probably intended as a buffer for any sewerage run off. I have fallen in love with it since we became dog owners two years ago and she and I often at the end of the day wonder to this patch of dirt at the end of our street. Its the only place she is allowed off the lead and her pleasure is contagious. I watch birds come and go, Pelicans, Cormorant, Corollas, Herron, Spoonbill, Duck. Sometimes it is a bustling hive of bird activity and sometimes just the ducks are left bobbing and gliding on the green dam. Sometimes my daughter joins me, sometimes she brings a friend and they saunter around like it’s the best playground ever. It reminds me that the smallest patches of nature can bring stillness and beauty.My last walk at the reserve on New Years Eve I felt it was yearning for love. The grass was overgrown, there were few birds, the growth around the two large ponds was brown and dying. An old character in our street who is smitten with the only white duck in the pond has bemoaned the liberal use of weed killer by our local council as a standard practice of it’s upkeep. I felt a sense that this little patch of nature is at risk of neglect and decay. The next day I began to write a song in dedication to it and all little patches of nature. And here are some of the photos I have taken, they capture the reserve but they also capture me at my happiest, when I transcend the precociousness of my mind, when beauty is the only thing I see and when I feel most connected to spirit. I know I am not the only one who feels this. Nature is my chapel.”> Grace

Friends in the Clouds
Friends in the Clouds

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  1. What a gorgeous post! I love this place too and that big white duck. I called him Leunig. He’s a wise old bird. When I was going through a very difficult time about 18 months ago I used to go down there and ask him what I should do. He would say Whaakk Whaakk Whaakk and I would feel so much better. I haven’t seen him for a while, I hope he is Ok.

    • Thanks Jock … Yes ducks, trees and water…best therapy ever. I love that our street is going to fight for this little patch of precious nature. Thanks for the mighty steps you have taken already. Praying for a good result x

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