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Photographic Art


Thank you for visiting Chelle and the Fig. I’m Chelle… lover of dream worlds, clouds and flowers; the art of story telling, drinking tea in the winter sunshine (which I do barely enough of), and communing with my srcuffy adorable dog. I am captivated by kind and curious people, old suburbs, ramshackle gardens, still life and nature’s dream scape. I am mum to a son and daughter and life with them and their dad in our northern NSW country town gives me a deep abiding sense of belonging and a place where my creativity finds sustenance. Drawn to the unsuspecting beauty of domesticity, my favourite kind of art is foraging for magic in the seemingly mundane through pictures, music or writing, currently however I am most enamoured with photography.

Working as a counsellor for the past 10 years has meant the healing quality of story-telling has always informed my creative life. Where possible I draw on this inspiration to highlight our shared humanity, capturing people as they are in their real every day environments, and sometimes at their most vulnerable…often enriching the visual image with accompanying written stories. I hope my work, whether it be the light and frivolous or confronting and serious, inspires people to reach beyond the daily clamour of this crazy life, to discover within themselves a space revealing love, fragility, stillness and beauty.

And as for Figs…

My shelter full of warmth
Where I’m fully protected
A place I can call home
The silence makes it even peaceful
It’s my little La La Land
I can speak my mind
I can feel my freedom once again
The fresh wind brushes pass my skin softly
Not a drop of rain can fall on me
I am fully protected under that tree
It’s more than a tree
It’s a place where my imagination turns to reality
Where I explore my dreams
A place full of wonders
A place where miracles take place
A tree that bares fruits
Under the fig tree.

Under the Fig Tree by Marlene Rashidi


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