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A song for my mum


1970's Girls and Pop full image

Here’s my Mum and sisters in 1971 (I’m in arms), visiting my Pop who lived in Yallourn, Gippsland. This house, my Pops home for most of his life was demolished in the early 80’s. His home was taken in the final stage of the towns demolition for a power station. I was 12 by then and had no concept of the loss that would mean to him. On the day of this photo, we were mostly oblivious to the fate of Yallourn and it’s simple, working class beauty. I love the photo and dug it up to sit along side the song I wrote about my dear Mum.

Little Light

6 thoughts on “A song for my mum

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  2. Love your song honouring your Mum and all of us as mothers xx

  3. always so beautiful chelle x

  4. Look at the little light beaming from your smile in your mum’s arms. Love the site Chelle. Looks great and how great to have an outlet for your musings and meanderings that we can all share in. x

  5. Beautiful Chelle! The complete package. The story, the photo and your gorgeous voice and poignant lyrics. Love it!!

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