Chelle and the Fig

Photographic Art


Chelle’s recent highlights

Olive Cotton Finalist 2021, Head On semi-finalist 2021, Ranked top 20 Australasian Emerging Art Photographer 2021

Finalist Lethbridge Small Scale Art Prize 2021/20and Byron BAM Art Prize 2020

Solo Exhibition Tweed Regional Gallery 2020

There is something deeply nourishing when an image arrests our eyes…reaching in and stirring something of our heart and our own story, sometimes even sweetly indescribable. The wordless simplicity of it…calling for the presence of our whole selves. An invitation to be silent and still, to commune with our imagination and let the space between stretch with whispering possibilities, questions and wonderment. Just you and the world in a private and shapeless moment of curiosity. And that’s what I adore about photography and the photographic image.

Some  of my favourite subjects are ordinary Australian landscapes, people going about their every day, old houses and architecture and still life.  To see more of what I hope will stir your whimsical and tender heart pop across to my gallery and print store. Here you will find a wide range of images and limited edition prints that might just magic you to a place of love, stillness and beauty.

Thanks so much for stopping by. It truly means the world.